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Geomantic Web Rework

Vetinari77#5797Vetinari77#5797 Registered Users Posts: 5
I think it is generally known the community would like to see the Geomantic Web reworked. I think the mechanic could stand to be most improved by becoming the bastard child of Dark Fortresses, Norscan Allegiance to the Gods, the Geomantic Web and Nakai's horde mechanics, like so:
  • You can only truly settle (and recruit units from) province capitals that sit on key nodes in the Geomantic Web.
  • Whenever you capture a minor settlement, you can dedicate it to one of the Old Ones (Sotek, Itzi, etc.) for various bonuses (including Blessed Spawnings and regional bonuses, among others). Each Lizardmen faction would only have access to a small subset of the Old Ones or have enhanced effects for them. E.g. Kroq-Gar could dedicate to Itzi, Quetzl, Tlazcotl and Chotec, but not Tepoc or Tzunki.
  • Once dedicated, each minor settlement will have a specific subset of buildings (per Old One) you could construct for cheap (having sacrificed versatility via the dedication).
  • Minor settlements would not go up a tier based on population, but instead how connected to the Geomantic Web they are, based on adjacent active nodes. This would encourage players to consolidate territory in a methodical way as part of the Great Plan.
  • If you set up certain combinations (like recipes) of dedicated minor settlements within a given area, you can unlock unique bonuses across larger areas (e.g. all of Lustria) or even the entire faction. These bonuses/recipes could also vary based on which faction you are playing as.
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