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Are you satisfied with the current garrisons?



  • bli-nk#6314bli-nk#6314 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,979
    edited November 2022

    77% of people in favour of unloseable campaigns where a free garrison army can defeat a whole invasion by itself.

    Can't understand it myself. Maybe tie player garrison strength to campaign difficulty.

    You guys should open up Shogun 2 and see the garrisons there (a lowly unit of 60 samurai retainers and maybe a couple peasants if you upgraded).

    Or open up Three Kingdoms records mode (the garrisons are weaker than WH3)

    In the case of Shogun 2 and earlier if you wanted a garrison you had to pay for it!

    And that single unit of retainers could defeat a full stack in SH2- not the same game. Not to mention it was possible to recruit units in SH2 without a Lord and still send them to the front while supply lines makes popping up multiple Lords in different city not just a little more expensive but hugely more expensive compared to 4-6 Ashigaru helping the retainers out in nearly ALL cities near any enemy.

    For 3K you also had the chance to add garrison via buildings and assigning an administrator where Warhammer only has the single defense building- not 2-4 buildings as 3K does.

    It is an interesting idea to adjust garrisons based on difficulty since good players can do more with less especially with the current towers but there is also a place where it becomes impossible to defend vs almost any full army or even half full army an AI brings.

    Early TK, Vampires, Bretonnia, and Skaven garrisons are really absolutely terrible. Skaven get good pretty quick so it is rarely an issue even in the minor cities if they can get to tier 3 but the other 3 might as well not even exist.

    For TK I can see that theoretically armies are free (despite being hard capped in the early campaign for the first 15-60 turns depending on what player researches) and Vampires had free skeletons at one point which again- took some time to research and still cost a Lord and supply lines.

    Bretonnia is the most interesting with no supply lines they are the one faction which plays most like older historical TWs where player can raise an army and then disband or leave it in a settlement with only paying upkeep costs for that army.

    There are some other races with extra weak garrisons but generally most can be worked with and some garrisons + towers were definitely too strong. Dark Fortress is the opposite issue- never had an AR even vs 2-3 enemy armies come even close to a loss while Skaven will lose AR siege defense if you fight the actual battle is is very difficult to lose though I can't say I enjoy fighting 6+ battles per turn in the late campaign with 2-3 always repeat sieges of the same battle I just fought 5 turns ago.
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  • Jo_Proulx#5293Jo_Proulx#5293 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,838
    I need to play more with these changes, but in my opinion, garrisons should only be strong enough to avoid settlements hopping with a lord and few units, you should have to defend with an army, even if its not a full 20 stack, having an army to guard a province and reinforce local garrison should be the way to go, and with the supply line change now being much lower, it should not be a problem to have more armies.

    Also, I'd argue that since the garrisons are smaller, you dont always need to make full 20 stacks, you might be better doing more armies that are just strong enough to do the job effectively instead of putting all eggs in one basket.

    Anyway, I wont claim I'm right, but thats how I feel about it atm. Need to test more.
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  • saweendra#3399saweendra#3399 Registered Users Posts: 19,569
    Other (please explain)
    i just want walls and Ai improvements so it plays better

    #givemoreunitsforbrettonia, my bret dlc

  • 4fourcztery#60764fourcztery#6076 Registered Users Posts: 564
    No, they are too weak
    I'd like to make my own garrisons
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