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In ProgressSarthorael the Everwatcher can be killed instead of getting the Boris/Red Duke treatment

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 397
Patch 2.2 added Sarthorael the Everwatcher as leader of the Sarthorael's Watchers faction, starting near Kairos, which is absolutely awesome! He didn't retain his unit card which he still has in multiplayer, but was changed to be Exalted Lord of Change (Metal). Which is fine.

But the bad part is that he can actually be killed permamently. Boris Todbringer or The Red Duke can only be wounded from turn 1 on, like Legendary Lords. He however, is killable like every other regular lord.

I've quickly tested it by using the console commands mod, but it should be the same in vanilla.

Steps to reproduce:
1) start a Tzeentch campaign
2) watch as the AI kill him and he's dead permanently

1) Start a Tzeentch campaign
2) confederate him
3) lose him in a battle, and see how he is killed permanently

In this save I attached I confederated him and you can see the killed message instead of a wound message when he died.

Please make Sarthorael only woundable like Boris and the Red Duke!
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  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 397
    Also, I just noticed he's added to the Realm of Chaos campaign, but he's somehow an "Exalted Lord of Change (Tzeentch)" there instead of "Exalted Lord of Change (Metal)". The metal makes a lot more sense since he's always been a lord with Lore of Metal skills.
  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 397
    To sum up the changes that would make his implementation even more awesome!!!

    1) Please give him back his unique model, he currently just looks like an regular Exalted Lord of Change. He had a great unique staff too! In multiplayer he still looks like his old self, but this campaign version looks like a different LoC that stole his name 😛
    2) Currently he can be killed like any other regular lord. Please give him the Boris/Red Duke treatment and add the Immortal trait for him, so that he can only be wounded and not permanently killed (until his faction is destroyed of course).
    3) I noticed the name change from "Sarthorael the Everwatcher" to "Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher". Not that I mind either, just noticed it and was curious if it was a decision or happened in error?
    4) On the Realm of Chaos map he's an "Exalted Lord of Change (Tzeentch)", so he has the Lore of Tzeentch there instead of the Lore of Metal. Since he's been a lord with the Lore of Metal since WH1 I think it's best if he is also that in the RoC campaign, and not just Immortal Empires.
  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 397
    I checked, but it looks like nothing changed yet to Sarthorael. Would love for him to get a Boris/Red Duke treatment instead of a lord that dies and disappears in the first 5 turns of every campaign :)
  • CA_Dimitar#6718CA_Dimitar#6718 Registered Users, Moderators, CA Staff Posts: 1,002
    Hey @Kennyannydenny#4548 ,

    Thanks for all the info and saves. We reproduced the issue with Sarthorael being killed instead of wounded and sent it for investigation :)


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