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What Did You Do To Settlement Battles??

Vicious#9461Vicious#9461 Registered Users Posts: 27
Ok, so I'm on board with the 2.2 patch updates to lessen the chance of endless minor settlement battles that are slogs without much merit to them. But why did CA decide that removing the thing that actually gives settlements WALLS was a thing that we needed/wanted??

Is this a bug? Or is this working as intended? Because as far as I can tell, by removing the "Adds walls to this settlement" in the T3 defensive slot for minor cities, CA created a problem where there wasn't one (WALLED minor settlements) and didn't at all resolve the minor (NON-WALLED) settlement battle spam.

Now, as NO cities but major cities can be walled (even Empire Forts as seen here are inexplicably NOT WALLED) ALL minor settlement battles are exactly what CA claimed to be fixing (more endless slogs through labyrinthine streets getting plinked at by T1 towers). It also means smaller garrisons can't use T3 defensive walls to actually hold settlements against larger forces, instead they are now just stuck depending on the (super nerfed - hilariously inaccurate T3 towers post 2.2 btw) buildable defenses.

As far as the "chance that minor settlement battles are fought in the open" - it seems the chance is 0% because every battle I've fought in the past 30+ turns has been the same minor settlement nonsense as we had pre-2.2.

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