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Orion is very fun, and the only reason I am playing wood elves. Don't do them dirty like norsca

spiritfire222#9902spiritfire222#9902 Registered Users Posts: 4
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I am seeing a lot of reddit karma farmers and youtube clickbaiters say things like "broken", "OP", etc... about the Orion upkeep reduction. Please don't freak out and remove what is probably the most fun new change of this patch. Wood elves were not at all fun to play before this change, especially Orion, who has always been a complete piece of garbage (even compared to the other wood elves, who all had better LLs).

A change in the previous patch to Norsca's economy was genuinely great, and made playing that faction much better. Recently they were nerfed because of what I can only assume was a small amount of posts and youtube videos showing how fun and easy it was to play Norsca. I am not at all a fan of the new 2.2 changes. Yeah it's still better than TWWH2 and people will be quick to point that out. But better than trash is still not best, and it seems we have quickly decided to kill the glory days of a faction. Tried playing them in 2.2 and it's not as fun.

This is campaign, let us have our fun. If a faction like wood elves can finally manage to play as armies and not as a bunch of homeless people who can barely afford to survive, then why nerf that?

so in conclusion: please please please please please let Orion keep his changes
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