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Please CA ...

Please CA,

Its been sooooo loooong since we have heard anything about a new Historical TW game. Apparently there is some kind of spinoff from 3 Kingdoms coming, and again we have heard practically nothing about it.

I understand the WH3 didn't come off too well, and you probably want to concentrate on the Immortal Empires stuff, but I think its just downright cruel to treat your LOYAL historical customers/fans like this, fans that have bought pretty much everything you have produced (even the not so good stuff).

Just a hint of some kind, of any kind, it would brighten up this upcoming cold cold winter for non fantasy fans.

Aw, go on ...


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    Hijacking and personal comment posts removed. I suggest someone show a lot more tolerance on the forum discussion for varied opinions which may not coincide with their personal take. Commenting with a differing opinion is fine. Including personal remarks to or about those folks is not.
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