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Tzeentch minor factions can still steal settlements

Build Number v2.2.0

Detailed Description

The Changer of Ways has once again bypassed the arbitrary "rules" set by the "developers", and instructed his lesser followers in the arcane art of wresting control of settlements from human control. Contrary to the 2.2.0 patch notes, minor Tzeentch factions can (still) use Changing of the Ways to reassign control of settlements away from the human player.

Reproduction Steps

To reproduce this issue, do the following:
  • Be close to a Tzeentch minor faction
  • Wait
  • Watch as control of one of your settlements is transferred to another faction
See the following. The only Tzeentch faction with visibility is a minor Tzeentch faction.

Save File

I've attached two save files, a "before" and "after" file. As with the screenshots above, the only Tzeentch faction with visibility is a minor faction. This save file is from a campaign started with v2.2.0.

Modified.Log File


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