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Return of settlement battles

inyourCA#8505inyourCA#8505 Registered Users Posts: 2
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Voicing my opinion as a Total war gamer. I love total war Warhammer series. I enjoy total war three kingdoms. Minor settles in total warhammer 2 have always felt under-power/under-performed, even with building the garrison chain buildings.

I felt that the settlement rework was what Warhammer 3 needed. Settlements both major and minor should be impactful to take and require thought for them. I have always found ways around drawing the enemy out of their settlement but with minor settlements losing their walls, they lose their importance again. Now that their gone I found Warhammer 3 to be in a boring state again.

And as the defender you almost give up the idea of protecting that staple land. The garrison have always needed improvement and this change has completely blindsided the defender. If i had to defend in 2.1 I could summon a lord and rely on that garrison, now even with a full stack I worry because its an open battle and numbers always win in fields.

In conclusion attacking a settlement should be hard and weighed in your strategy, regardless if its the capitol of Reikdorft or Ubersreik. Perhaps add a pre-game select option to remove this for people who want an easier time, as this impacts more then just attacking it effects the total war.
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  • Vicious#9461Vicious#9461 Registered Users Posts: 26
    Just make the settlement battles like they were in Rome 2. Walled cities (of any tier - like say those with T3 defensive buildings) have walls, cities that dont have walls dont have them and the defenders can either use makeshift barricades (only deployed prior to battle) or sally into the field. It really doesn't have to be super complicated.

    The supplies mechanic can be used to help bolster the garrison in interesting ways prior to battle start and the player gets a viable risk/reward of making a Defensive chain building or something else and rolling the dice with the garrison and its defensive supplies in the event of an attack. Perhaps technologies or faction buffs could make these supplies and deployable defenses more interesting/more in line with certain factions. i.e. Warpstone IEDs for skaven or unbreakable barricades for dwarves but fewer to deploy overall etc...
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