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Herald Of Khorne ( Maybe even Exalted Bloodthirster too) Red Skill Issue

EmperorAlpharius#7592EmperorAlpharius#7592 Registered Users Posts: 40
Skill: wh3_main_skill_kho_lord_army_buff_1_2

Effect: Armour: %+n for Marauders, Marauder Horsemen, Chaos Warriors, Chosen and Skullcrushers of Khorne units:wh3_main_effect_force_stat_armour_kho_chaos_warriors_skullcrushers

Issue: its set in the Description of the effect the undivided units should receive the buff but the Value it is tide to is the Mono-god units of Khorne.

How I found it: Due to my mod adding the Heralds to the WoC faction someone ended up getting confused over the effect as they thought it was tide to the Undivided Marauders, Marauder Horsemen, Chaos Warriors, Chosen and not the Khornate ones.
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