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List of basic fixes that will help sieges not suck

WHALECANCER#1574WHALECANCER#1574 Registered Users Posts: 25
-make ladders constructible pre-battle - actually require attacker to siege if he wants to get over wall. Seriously free butt ladders are a major part of why the walls of settlements aren’t even a deterrent. In Troy and warhammer free ladders have made sieges jokes.

-increase hp and defense of walls and gates -actually require rams or a major monster like a giant to destroy them. why can infantry break a gate with swords? it’s stupid. Also could make most monstrous infantry have a hard time with gates. I have never used a ram since game 1 might as well remove them at this point.

- bring back fight to the death and make designated retreat zones.- its Amazing we still don’t have this! Why do attacking units retreat into the enemy city if their routing? Make them fight to the death if they can’t retreat to their designated retreat zone outside the city. I have had my final control point capped multiple times because a routing unit routed to the inner most part of my city. Same with defenders routing outside the city because the attacker edge of the map is closer to the walls.

-artillery platforms for city’s- enough said.

-garrisons overhaul- this is more personal taste but why not just tie additional garrison units to military buildings? This way it encourages building military buildings in other spots besides the capital. Why wouldn’t a barracks have a unit or two of swordsmen guarding? That way military buildings provide an additional incentive than unit production. It doesn’t have to be crazy 1 relevant unit per building a maybe two at fully upgraded will do.

These are my thoughts. Discuss pls.
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