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Suggestion Regarding Confederations

#693011#693011 Registered Users Posts: 3
Would it be possible to implement,
On Confederation
A reset of all siad confederated factions lords and heroes.

Whilst every confederates lord has taken 3 points in recruitment... highly valued by the Ai.
Special Legedary lord talents can effect your faction
Like kostaltyn's where a building becomes so expensive and your given no choice but to accept it.
As you spent 100+ turns confederating either the as the ice court or for the ice court as Boris Ursus.

While on the topic of talent points.
Some heroes still have up to 5 spare points even after taking 3 points in the new mentor talent.
Which is still annoying end turn.
Could we get more things to choose from as it is a strategy game not a pick everything way before lvl cap.

Also since the new patch ive been experiencing a graphical bug where lizardmen skinks are crestless headless even.
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