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Inaccurate Unit Card (Modded)

Wolfreak#7196Wolfreak#7196 Registered Users Posts: 2

I created a custom unit that is basically the copy of Bow Ashigaru but with more men and exclusive to 1 clan.

Everything is correct and works fine, except in-battlen unit card.

Unit is shown as Bow Ashigaru on all cards but in battle unit card is some type of Cavalry.

What do I need to do? Why all cards are correct (recruit, wiki, etc.) but not the battle phase one?


  • Wolfreak#7196Wolfreak#7196 Registered Users Posts: 2
    Heh, it wasn't the card in battle, it was the campaign card after recruitment that was wrong.

    For idiots like me (no offence) from the future, if you are going to use a unit card that is already in the game files,
    do not specify a faction in 'uniforms_tables' if the original unit also does not have a faction declared.
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