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New IE Multiplayer Campaign Mode

totalwarfreak14#6557totalwarfreak14#6557 Registered Users Posts: 27
edited October 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
I have been loving multiplayer campaigns. They are a ton of fun and you did a great job with them. Something we have been noticing is even though it is tons of fun it often takes multiple long sessions to get to good units and points where we can fight each other empire to empire in IE. What I suggest is making a IE version of darkness and disharmony. I don't know how hard this would be to code but it would be a fantastic mode for people who want to get on and beat each other up in 1-2 play sessions without having to wait 60-100 turns for more fun units. This also allows all the races and lords to participate rather than just the 8 game 3 lords that are only locked into cathay (The worse version of cathay sorry but IE cathay is way better)

What I would like to see in this IE version of darkness and disharmony

1 The entire map and all the lords available

2 Increased xp gain for lords and characters like in your two modes

3 Decreased building times and tech times

4 There does not need to be a starting settlement with already tier 4 buildings like in the other two campaigns. That would add a immense amount of work for you guys and the reduced construction times and reduced tech times accomplishes the same goal

5 Finally I would not like to see the race to 40 points implemented the objective of this game mode is too build a empire and kill each other.

This would be a fantastic addition to IE multiplayer campaign and I really hope you consider it since the mechanics are already in the game and it seems easy to implement
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