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Battle Balance and Bugfixes Mod

Loupi#8512Loupi#8512 Registered Users Posts: 3,981
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Contains 100s of Balancing changes and many bugfixes, sourced from the forums, discords and discussions with experience players. Also contains units caps used in multiplayer tournaments to simplify life



-Bloodwrack shrine: Fixed bug that let all the riders fire medusa projectiles
-Cauldron of Blood: Fixed bug that let the extra witch elf riders hit with full weapon strength
-Cold one chariots+mounts: hitbox no longer obstructs them from attacking forwards vs small entities
-Daemons curse: now does self damage, as it says in ability ui
-Fire mage (sun dragon): fixed missing missile resistance
-Fiery Rebirth: fixed over-healing bug (Arcane Phoenix)
-Orion: fixed his missing animations that stopped him from firing while moving
-Noble chariot: fixed swapped AP ratio
-Oxyotl: master predator no longer freezes cooldown for his other abilities
-Lion Chariots: fixed missing rider attack animations
-Undivided furies now count towards flying caps
-Exalted heroes (chariots) now count towards hero caps
-Seafang now has a cast indicator to allow player to see where it's aimed
-Daemon Prince is now included in Rare SE caps
-Fixed Orion and Ariel having terrain penalties in shallow water
-Fixed a bug that stopped glade lords on eagles+dragons from firing backwards while moving
-Phoenix/Hell Pit rebirth miscast explosion no longer affects allies
-Ruination of cities: will now correctly launch randomly instead of all three vortices launching in the same direction
-Fixed Gorebeast chariots mounts missing collision attacks
-Fixed a bug that made mortar and ROR wagons slower than regular wagons (50 instead of 66).
-Fixed gotreks heroic fortitude ability
-von carstein lord on dragon can equip charmed shield
-coldone chariots are included in 360 degree firing cap
-Malagor can no longer capture domination points
-Thorek’s locus of power no longer affects non-wizards
-Wood Elf spellweavers now have the correct elven steed mount description
-Alith Anar, Princess and handmaiden are included in 360 missile unit caps
-Locus of Power no longer affects non-casters and only affects casters when casting spells (i.e. abilities and dragon breath attacks now do not trigger the explosion)
-Hydra+Tyrion extra healing from their abilities has been fixed
-Doomwheel has fixed collision attacks, meaning it works better as a chariot
-Sibilant Slaughtercade (ROR chaos chariot): there was a bug that made it the same speed as regular chaos chariots; it now has 100 speed.
-Teef-Robbas: Fixed a bug that made it the same speed as regular wolf chariots; it now has 110 speed.
-Devolve: Can no longer be cast on the ground
-Drazhoath now has ‘Infernal Engineer’ ability on foot
-Hashut’s Dark Ravagers are no longer included in the 360 degree missile caps
-Hellbound passive on daemon engines is now included by default.
-Skin wolf were-kin cap is fixed from 3 to 2
-Skaven chieftain (Bonebreaker mount): fixed balance of power bug that gave it only 100CP. It now has1000CP
-Supply train: Now has ammo
-Fixed an issue with bull centaurs entity shape that made them very difficult to shoot

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  • Loupi#8512Loupi#8512 Registered Users Posts: 3,981
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    The mod has been updated for 3.0 (may). This focussed on fixing the most obvious chaos dwarf balancing issues and a few bugs:
    Patch 3.0 May

    Astragoth: astragoth counts as large, -2500 mass, ‘Stone mantle’ has greater speed debuff (40%) but increases mass (+2500),
    Sorcerer prophet: ‘chalice of blood and darkness’ reduced total heal from 20% to 10%
    Overseer: has new abilities
    Magma cannon: reduced expansion vortex speed -20→0 (does not suck units into vortex radius), +1 explosion radius, +200g (note hellbound is included by default now), i.e. magma cannon costs 1100g
    Deathshrieker: Deathshrieker rocket (+2 shrapnel), demolition rocket +2m blast radius
    K'daai fireborn: +40 HP, +10% Phys resist, -100g
    K'daai destroyer: +10%phys resist, +30 armour, 20 charge
    Bull centaurs: -10% missile resistance, slightly taller hitbox (3→3.2). fixed issue wit hitbox that made them very hard to shoot
    Sneaky gits: -1 missile AP
    Infernal guard GW: -50g
    Chaos dwarf warriors: -50g
    Lammasu+mounts: -100g, +1 use of each shadow bound spell
    Hellcannon: now has “Hellforged” and “contempt” attributes and “Hellbound” passive, +15% fire resistance. ‘BLOOOOD’ increases speed by 50%

    Burning wrath: +1 explosion radius
    Curse of hashut: +damage

    Crypt horrors: back to 900g from 950g
    Runelord: reduce gatekeepers belt wardsave from 60% to 40%
    Fate of Bjuna: lasts twice as long with same total damage (increases time between casts and reduces the “burst damage” effect)
    Manticore: +5AP/+10BD
    Hellbound passive on daemon engines: no longer has to be paid for
    Skin wolf were-kin cap is fixed from 3 to 2
    Skaven chieftain bonebreaker: fixed 100CP→1000CP
    Supply train: has ammo
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  • Loupi#8512Loupi#8512 Registered Users Posts: 3,981
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    The Balance of Power: Battle and Bugfix mod has been updated for patch 4.0

    Arm. Kossars: -2 hp
    "By our blood", reworked into 2 phases. Stage One: 20s, +5MA/+5MD/+8LD, +2 vigour/s
    Stage Two: 20s, +8MA/+8MD,+2% vig/s, +unbreakable
    Ulrika Magdova: -50g (foot), -100g (horse), +20AP, improved calibration area

    Kairos: -400 barrier
    Exalted pink horrors: +5AP/-5 base damage, -400 barrier
    Marauder spears: -25g
    Tzeentch Herald+Iridescent Horror: +~25AP swap, missiles have “warpflame” effect and homing

    Harmony: range increased from 60 to 100m. Now has a minimum range of 25m i.e. when 2 units are closer than 25m harmony will deactivate.
    Characters no longer have harmony (unless the mount has harmony e.g. war compass and sky lantern)
    Lore of Yang
    Jade shield: doubled duration
    Might of heaven and earth: added AOE
    Stone ground stance: buff increased to +16LD, +24MD
    Strength of Yang is now +12% WS and +12% MS, instead of +24% WS. Both Yin and Yang passives are now mapwide


    Shems burning gaze: increased penetration
    Spiteful Conjuration: has an extra -4LD effect
    Glade lords: +26AP/-26 base damage, -1s reload
    Sisters of thorn: higher missile AP+Magical attacks (+fixed visual bug that made them use norscan javelins)
    WAYSTALKER REWORK-Hawk Eyed Archer Rule, 2 firing modes (short range nonAP dps, double shot, and long range AP), +20AP/-20BD (melee), +150g, +smokebomb (3 uses)
    Other tricksters shard: -10% physical resistance
    High Elf Princess: +20AP/-20 base damage, -1 sec reload
    Handmaiden: +50 base damage, -2sec reload
    Forsaken of Khorne: +4BD/+2AP, +8Bvi
    Other forsaken: -50g
    Norscan Marauder spears: -25g
    Elyyrian Reaver Archers: +1 missile AP
    Taurox: Has Mark of Khorne (i.e. +15% spell resistance)
    Steam tank: +2000 mass, +7 speed, + ROR abilities, cannon has explosive component, steam gun does more damage
    Luthor Harkon: +30AP
    Terrorgheist: +60WS, Breath attack causes LD debuff, HP increased, slight tweaks to MA and MD across VP and VC rosters
    Varghulf: +30AP/+30BD
    Vampire (Hero): added staff of damnation
    Wurrzag: ‘Bonewood staff’ now only affects self and gives additional 25% spell resistance. Wurrzag now has bound ‘Vindictive glare’ and ‘Wurrzag’s Revenge’ is now an active ability that can transform enemy casters (small size) when below 20% HP into a squiggly beast

    Skaven Assassin: +poison attacks
    Death Runners and Triads: +8 models
    Skitterleap: imbues ‘devastating flanker’ attribute
    Master Assassin: AP swap (missile attack)

    Rune of wrath and ruin: now does magical damage and is affected by spell resistance. Master rune +5 damage
    Peak gate guard: +guardian
    Runesmith: has rune of stoicism ability
    Runelord: has ‘Master Rune of Stromni Redbeard’, ‘Master rune of flight’ and ‘Master rune of Immolation’ (anvil only)
    Ungrim: Axe of Dargo gives executioner attribute
    Thane: Rune of dismay causes fear and -4LD

    The following abilities now negate magical weapons:
    -Anvil of doom’s locus of power
    -Master Rune of Breaking
    -Arcane Unforging
    -Scroll of Leeching
    -Scroll of Hoeth
    -Cube of Darkness
    -Krells “Armour of the Barrows”
    -Hellfire Sword (Lahmian lord and Khornate exalted hero)
    -El Syf

    -Pump wagons: removed grenade missile attacks, added unbreakable and rampage, +10WS
    -Glade riders: remain at 700g (hagbanes changed to 800g) and wild riders both stay at 1200, Sisters of thorn remain at 48 models
    -Grail knights: remain at 1700g
    -Footsquires: remain at 700g
    -Armoured Kossars: remain at 650 & 700g
    -Waywatchers: -4 base missile damage (instead they have regained some of their lost accuracy and reload)
    -Wardancers (Asrai Spears): +100g, +2MA, +2AP, +6charge

    -Orc warboss on pig no longer counts as chariot
    -Cathayan artillery is no longer practically immune to AOE magic damage (pit of shade etc).

    Changeling: -500g
    Blue Scribes: -600g
    Akshina: +100 cost, melee AP swap (+ROR net nerfed duration to 15s), higher missile speed (because they are xbows), slight accuracy nerf (lowered cal distance from 150 to 130). Removed splash attacks
    Executioner attribute: 20%→10% threshold
    Things in the woods: +100g
    ROR Streltsi: +3 more projectiles (3 damage,8 AP)x4 projectiles
    Yuan Bo: +executioner attribute in dragon form, reduced damage of execution ability by 33%, +1 use
    Hags: Projectiles physics improved, improved special abilities for death and shadows
    Death Hag Witch: +10% wardsave, unlimited uses
    Shadows Hag Witch: Armour and block chance debuff increased from -12 to -20
    Jade+Jet Lions: +unbreakable, terror, +1000HP, +magical attacks, +10 armour
    Mutalith: +regeneration ( from TT rules), aura of mutation damage reduced by 25%, tides of transformation damage doubled, maelstrom of change damage doubled and spreading radius increased from 35 to 55m
    Incarnate of Beasts: -2MD, -20armour, +10% physical resist, +4 speed, -1000 mass
    Gulyas: Healing increased from 0.008 to 0.01
    Burning Vambraces: reduced total heal to 40% (over a 5 second period), wardsave reduced from 40% to 30%
    -Added Tzaangors unit caps (5 max, and count as tzeentch marked unit)
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  • Loupi#8512Loupi#8512 Registered Users Posts: 3,981
    If CA is interested, all of these changes have been thoroughly tested and used in tournaments, mod has 97% rating, which for such a divided community as MP is not bad at all

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