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WAAAGH! crash bug, how it works and how to fix it

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Build: 2.2

Detailed information: If you disband the first unit on a waagh army, the game will crash,
This happens because the first unit is set as the lord of the army, since the player doesnt have the power to edit the army if the unit set as the lord is disbanded the game doesnt know what to do with the army and crashes, Easy to recreate.
The second downside of this bug is that the first unit (in my case normal ork boyz) will have a random model set as the lord, causing an entire waaagh disband even after victories if its killed in battle, or the unit disbands after too many model losses.
To know this unit is the lord is easy, it has a lord name and has a blue circle around it as if it were a lord

Reproduction steps: take the first unit of a waaagh and disband it, game will crash
to recreate the model kill is more complicated, its very random when this model is killed, i had it loose around 80% hp, let it flee and still survive on a lost battle, or win one battle just to see that my entire waaagh disbanded. Its quite random but has happened me 3 times already in my campaign.
No mods btw

Save file: its a battle against drycha´s settlement, just leave the battle and disband the first unit of the waagh for an instant crash
you can try to do the battle and kill the first unit of the waaagh, then surrender but its a coinflip
My current fix is leaving this unit out of battle, makes the waagh never in risk of evaporation

here some pics: one with the ork boyz with a name
and another one with the boyz having the lord blue circle

overall a pretty annoying bug that could be solved by removing the lord need from waaaghs or just giving them lvl 1 lords

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