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Rework idea on traits for lords and heroes

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THX for your WH3 IO support... you do a great job :-)

Instead of giving lords and heroes fix stats by choosing a trait, the trait could add learnable skills to lords and heroes.... the skills given differ by the trait.

f.e. Trait "strong" gives you access to 6 new skills, that expand on the charcters stats, battle abilities, army abilities, goverment abilities.
you only can learn f.e. three of those skills, when you choose one of those skills this will disable another skill ....

by receiveing different skills for each trait, this system would make the progression of each character very meaningful/interesting/unique and every Character would be important to have (so you can expand one character more in the direction of a gouvener, the other one in the direction of a figther, ... army leader....

perhaps you want to build up on this idea

THXVM for the most massive, biggest, strategy/fantasy/real time battle game ever made :-)

wbr ZeroOne/HauEini
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