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Just thought I'd mention some inconsistencies I found when I was talking to one of my friends about Cathay casters all having mastery of the elemental winds being nice.

Alarielle doesn't have greater arcane Mastery, Generic Archmages do, so unless she has a hidden spell mastery buff, she just doesn't have anything higher than base. she also doesn't have any cost reduction abilities for her spells such as a lore master of life like ability.

Generic Dark ELF caster lords do NOT have greater arcane mastery, idk if this is in preparation for the names of power possibly buffing them or just an oversight.
Maleketh doesn't have any bonuses for spells, or at least none that I noticed but I don't really play dark elves so please do tell me if I'm wrong.

Wood Elf Generic Caster lords do NOT have Greater Arcane mastery, idk if this is due to inconsistencies between the elves or intentional again, Idk the stance on any of the LL having it since they are all technically hybrid.

Lord Mazdamundi doesn't have any way to make spells cheaper or reduce cooldown idk about the generic slann's since I've never recruited them.

The Lady/ Fae enchantress doesn't have greater arcane mastery but does have lore master of lore of life which is nice.

Arkhan the black has greater arcane conduit which is neat, nothing to make spells cheaper but lore of Nehekara is already cheap.

Katarin is okay.

Balthezar is amazing

Teclis is a god.

Just some observations, let me know what ya'll think about the castiing strength of the legendary and generic lords as my prefered lord type is a caster, followed by the ranged lord Oxylotl because exploding ammo, accuracy and damage.
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