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Known IssueTwo Wood Elf buildings name incorrectly switched

Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 407
Seems the devs mixed up two of the military recruitment buildings for the Wood Elves (I tested this in a Heralds of Ariel campaign).

The eagle recruitment tree in WH2 was always: Eyrie > Warhawk Crags > Dragon Lair.

In Immortal Empires currently the first two buildings are switched, which is incorrect, so in IE it is now: Warhawk Crags > Eyrie > Dragon Lair.

It's just the names and descriptions of the two buildings though, the effects seem to be correrct for both. If you guys could flip the two names and descriptions everything will be correct :)

As you can see on this screenshot the Tier 2 building is called Warhawk Crags instead of Eyrie:

And in this screenshot you can see the tier 3 building is Eyrie instead of Warhawk Crags, and you can see from the description this should be the name of the building in which you recruit the great eagles (the Tier II building):

So to be clear:

1) The tier two building should be the Eyrie (wrong name currently) with Great Eagle recruitment (correct effect currently) and the description about the 'windswept crags' (wrong description currently).
2) The tier 3 building needs to be teh Warhawk Crags (wrong name currently), with Hawk Riders recruitment (correct effect currently) and the description about 'to soar on the wings of eagles' (wrong description currently).
3) The Dragon Lair is completely correct.

Newest build, I own all DLC's and all FLC's for all three games. I have mod active to remove the fog of war but this also shows in vanilla, which you can easily test by booting up a new Heralds of Ariel campaign and going into the building browser.
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