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New Type of Expansion, Remove Exploitation of AI, Refine Army Designing Process, and Other Things

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• I have been hoping to see Total War: Warhammer 3 transform into having greater depth. I hope to see the game being built/developed 'tall'- increasing the depth of the game such as increasing settlement tiers to up to tier 10 more or less.
I hope for the existing factions to be given significantly greater depth, adding more management and complexity and uniqueness to their campaigns, rather than developing the game by building/developing 'wide', such as releasing more DLC lords with shallow gameplay.
I would really like Creative Assembly to expand/overhaul the game, even as a slow process. Maybe this presents some difficulty. Perhaps there could be a discussion about how to achieve this. This expansion of the game could be separated from the current game by making it a ‘mode’, so as to preserve the game in its current state.

• Refine puzzle-solving gameplay revolving around army composition. For example: An AI Norscan Ice Troll Doom-stack/spam that requires countering with a sufficient tier anti-large doom-stack/spam by the player or another AI, and methods of engaging an unwilling Norscan Ice Troll doom-stack/spam army such as luring and ambushing, or by having gameplay features that temporarily increase movement range. Perhaps needing to wait until the AI wants to engage on their terms. This and other problem-solving pathways.
Give the player a reason to use the entire roster of units. As previously mentioned: Puzzle-solving revolving around army composition. Obviously not just spamming one unit, but a necessity for diverse, intricately, precisely designed armies. Intensely refine existing army design puzzle.

• In walled sieges, I believe it would be a good idea for the AI to send or deploy units outside the city (beyond the walls) and block/pin units down so that towers and ranged units on the city walls can be more impactful in having time to shoot more than 2-3 volleys. Also sending the appropriate units to intelligently target player artillery/siege equipment.

• Many, many more events.

Event lines- basically story lines with impactful decisions. The decisions that the player makes will be different each time they experience them, because the decisions will be dependent upon what can be afforded to do at that point/ in the state of the campaign.

Improve writing. More writing. More stories to read about the world and the campaign, in the campaign.

• More quests- faction unique, and universal. And unable to teleport to a portion of these quests.
Quest-lines- a series of quests that tell a story and challenge the player in battles and other things.
A greater unit roster would consequence deeper puzzle solving situations, making many unique situations.
Again, improve writing. More writing. More stories to read about the world and the campaign, in the campaign.

• Program AI to be able to target player/other AI units with magic (wind/vortex etc.) more effectively. AI ability to predict where to place a spell to hit a moving target. And I imagine it is not too difficult to program AI to hit as many models as possibly on stationary or moving targets. If these things are achieved, then it would be necessary for the AI to be severely protective of some of their spellcasters.

• Perhaps a spell to reduce/disable collision on a unit, like a spell called “Transparency”.

A spell that sucks in and blobs units. This could be a way of giving the AI an opportunity to do massive spell damage. The AI would be able to place a damaging spell directly on top of a blobbing spell (blobbing spell requires less precision, with a massive area of effect)

A spell that gives perfect accuracy (homing shots) to one or more ranged units. And AI that can utilize this.

• Importantly, make sure that AI ranged units are not attacking single entities on foot or mount. AI ranged units should only be able to attack a single entity that it can actually hit, such as one going at a certain low speed.

Should not be able to waste AI ranged unit ammunition- an example of what is known as ‘cheesing’. It takes no skill, and it is immersion breaking.
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