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water textures turning black before crashing 2.2.1

Rd92#8932Rd92#8932 Registered Users Posts: 1

my game freezes for 2-3 seconds then water textures turn black then after a few seconds it crashes. this can happen mid battle, during bench marks and most commonly on campaign map. this bug/crash happens a few seconds after loading in to a few minutes.

this issue started in patch 2.0 and is still on-going.

attempts to fix:
- verify game files
- reinstall game
- turning off mods
- stopping all background apps
- turning off windows GPU acceleration
- turning off full screen optimization
- changing in game graphic settings
- underclocking gpu
- using DDU to reinstall GPU drivers
- updated windows and GPU drivers

system specs:
- windows 11
- i9-9900kf
- 2080ti
- 32gb rams

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