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The 124 "rules" in MP need to DIE!

VikingHuscal1066#5774VikingHuscal1066#5774 Registered Users Posts: 4,165
This is a thread that's should've been made a long time ago.

But I'm making this thread because of how stupidly unbalanced the whole idea of the 124 "rules" for sieges in the MP of Rome 2 and to explain why it's so bad and why people should stop using it, or at least not ALWAYS use them.

You see, I've played Rome 2 off and on since it was released, so I know the MP battles pretty darn well.

For those who don't know, 124 means 1 artillery, 2 pikes, and 4 missile units. And I've come to understand that it's not the entirety of the 124 that's the problem, it's mainly just the limiting the artillery in such a way.

For you see, I've also come to fully understand that the 124 rules weren't made because the artillery was super OP or anything, but rather to all bug try to rig siege battles in the defender's favor by hamstringing the attackers. And I can say this because like I said, I've played Rome 2 a lot since it was released, and I know that the rules for sieges weren't ALWAYS 124.

But I'm going to explain how and why the whole 124 rules are obviously meant to limit what attackers can do and all bug fully rigging the game, mainly by listing the various advantages either side can have in siege battles.

They can freaking SEE the attackers during the deployment phase.
They get free deployable defenses and OP wall artillery.
They barely have less money than the attackers, having like 14,400 gold to the attackers' 16,000 gold on ultra funds.
A good number of the maps have nearly unbreakable citadels which defenders often camp.

They have siege equipment like towers and such which can be really helpful, but can only ever be used on the outer walls of a city.

As you can see, the defenders have a LOT of advantages over the attackers, which wouldn't be so bad if it was balanced out a bit more.

And back to the artillery being a part of the core problem with the 124 rules.

You see, the biggest and most ridiculous problem with the whole 124 rules is the fact that the defenders get their artillery for free while the attackers have to pay at least 1,500 or so gold for moveable artillery. That doesn't seem very fair if you ask me.

And there's also how overpowered manually aiming the wall artillery can be.

I mean, I've literally seen many bad players be able to inflict tons of damage upon not only my artillery but my army at times as well. I've seen these kinds of terrible players be able to basically machine gun down units or towers with their wall artillery, which can be rapidly fired.

Not to mention how random the effect of flaming arrows can be against the wall artillery.

Sometimes it only takes one volley, other times it takes like 4 or 5 volleys of flaming arrows to destroy the wall artillery.

The point is, that the defenders have so many freaking advantages that it has all but broken siege battles in the game, and trying to force rules that further limit attackers is just plain ridiculous to say the least.

But I hope that my pointing out some of these obvious problems will get people to actually think about how to get better at not only Rome 2 MP, but the MP of all TW games without relying on OP crutches in order to win half the battle.

Quit trying to rely on stupid nonsense to win a battle, learn to actually accept a challenge in a strategy game.

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