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WoC souls from vassals not just from Archaon?

The_Radude#3776The_Radude#3776 Registered Users Posts: 424
Dear CA,

Could the next update allow all other WoC factions to get souls from their vassals and not just Archaon?
Archaon can still get the most souls from vassals but it would be helpful with the other ones.
Or I just suck with my soul economy


  • Sparkwarrior777#6123Sparkwarrior777#6123 Registered Users Posts: 254
    Yay the soul economy is kind of iffy, it’s not bad to upkeep,…. If your fighting factions with souls. Vampires provide none, demons provide none, so if you trying to campaign in the wastes then your boned. Just find a human or elf faction and start chomping armies I get around 600 souls a full stack. I think green skins give souls but I’ve not paid attention that much so idk. The soul per vassel should be an an archeon only think just like unlimited gifted units being a belekor thing.
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