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Daniel/Daemons of Chaos Faction

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I love the Daemons of Chaos’s campaign. The roster, abilities, customization, devotion mechanic all of it great. Unfortunately the Daemons of Chaos are really held back, in my opinion, by Daniel's skill tree. He is on par if not worse than the demon princes for warriors of chaos due to his inability to buff the same units without using all his skill points. His lack of combat or spell skill trees and lack of conventional items mean that even with his unique customization he is only really breaking even on combat stats with some other legendary lords without items. His lack of a conventional skill tree makes him not enjoyable to level up and have as your flag ship army. For one of the main factions of the base game and the most unique, I would hate to see him fall behind in this way. Be'lakor seems like a perfect example of what Daniel could be like, with strong base stats, good buffs for his army, and then instead of the capacity to get strong items, Daniel would have his customization. I am proposing a more conventional skill line for Daniel and some changes to his faction that I believe would make it more enjoyable to play.

(Needed skill points for Capstone or maxing out Undivided and Slaanesh / Available skills per point)

Unique/Undivided Line:

All 1 point skills:
-Be’lakor’s “Blood & Magic”
-Reskin “Heroic Resilience” into “Demonic Resilience”,
-A skill which activates the lore passive for whatever spell the Daemon Prince casts.
-A pair of mutually exclusive skills that allow the player to choose cooperation with Warriors of Chaos and Norsca or choose to take massive diplomacy penalties with those factions in exchange for larger bonuses.

Daniel doesn’t currently buff his own army without specializing hard in one tree which Be’lakor can do just as well with a far less cost to skill point economy. He can get spells but has no lore passives, and the addition of some Kislev abilities to a demon prince would help him stand out from the regular undivided ones that have fire magic in Warriors of Chaos. The mutually exclusive skills gives the faction more character as these dilemma skills really add a lot. Norsca wasn't very good for games 1 and 2 but the endgame dilemma was a huge crutch for the faction when it had nothing else going for it. Also with characters like Tyrion the choice between a more diplomatic game or a aggressive playstyle add enough to encourage two different kinds of playthroughs as his faction.


-Daniel also keeps “Mentor” as is.


Slaanesh/Diplomacy Line:

This line would have “Grace & Guile”, “Reinforcer”, and “Respect of the North” all with +5% glory gained for Slaanesh when maxed out for a total of 15%.

Awesome Unique skills from the current skill tree that I thought should be kept.


Khore/Yellow Line:

Be’lakor’s yellow line except “Foe-Seeker” is replaced with “Aura of Chaos”, and “Deadly Onslaught” is replaced with a 10% ward save capstone. All three give +5% glory to Khorne also for a grand total of 15%.

Don’t want Daniel to be overfilled with active abilities to maintain reliance on equipment. He is large and gets shot a lot as he moves farther south. With his equipment and this proposed skill tree he could become quite strong, however I don’t think that this is terrible as he is unable to get conventional items that make many other lords stronger than him like Sword of Khaine and all the items that give ward save.


Nurgle/Red Line:

Be’lakor’s red line except:

-“Rally!” is replaced by a 1 point skill that is combined “Voice of the Dark Gods” and “Hearts of Iron”
-“Stand or Die” is only a +16 to leadership but passive.
-Also the three one point skills add +5% extra glory for Nurgle for a total of 15%.

Don’t want Daniel to be overfilled with active abilities to maintain reliance on equipment. Wanted the red line to be a fulfilling investment without active abilities or anything super strong to his army as Be’lakor’s red tree and “Blood & Magic” skills already add a lot. Daniels current skill tree buffs very few units of only one faction per skill, requires multiple points for full benefit, and is out of place for the undivided faction.


Tzeentch/Blue Line:

Be’lakor’s blue line except “Route Marcher”, “Draftmaster” replaced with “Unholy Resilience”, and “Renowned & Feared” also each give 5% extra glory for Tzeentch for a total of 15%.

“Unholy Resilience” is there because that is what Daniel already has. Otherwise just a generic blue tree which gives Daniel easier access to staple campaign skills which are currently spread out among different skill tree lines.


Additional changes:

-Resource buildings and post battle options also give half of the god specific glory as undivided(16 Khorne Glory, 8 Undivided glory), since there is no undivided settlement and no incentive to choose undivided after battle victory.

-Choosing a specific god will still let you gain all lesser rewards from all other factions. Current system punishes the player for rushing a god faction and gives incentives for undivided even though undivided is already on par if not better than the others imo.

-Reign of Chaos awards will be based on worn equipment of Daniel, with each god specific piece adding 5% or something like that to those rewards. Manipulating “Reign of Chaos” currently costs skill points for something that isn’t guaranteed or reliable. Also a bit strange that it's possible for the legendary lord to have all khorne body parts and be devoted to khorne, but have a higher percentage for all other army abilities to appear if that is how the player has invested their skills.

-Allow single handed weapons to be put in the off-hand slot with any bonuses to Base weapon damage or Armor-piercing damage from the off-hand weapon being half effective. Daniel isn't a multiplayer lord, CA could make him as strong as they want and have him benefit a lot from the customization system they've already added. Daniel right now doesn't have a very large impact on the map in terms of being a threat and making him a threat to play against or as is more far more interesting then being the speed bump he currently is when going through the northern chaos wastes.
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