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In ProgressUngrims "Jouney's End" does not work - Slayers die above 75% HP.

WindowsChritter#5595WindowsChritter#5595 Registered Users Posts: 1
This bug is not listed on the " Known Issues" list so i thought that i should post about it again.

Basically Slayers can die even though they are still above 75% HP when playing as Ungrim Ironfist. The "Journey's End" ability icon is shown on the UI but it seems like it as no effect. I tested the same type of ability with Grimgors "Da immortulz" banner and that works as intended.

The screenshot is from the first battle with Ungrim so all units were at maximum unit strength. The unit is above 75% health and the icon for the buff is visible. One slayer still died and more a going to die before the 75% HP mark. At that point the Journey's end buff disappears.

The Build is v2.2.1

To reproduce this bug, start a new Ungrim campaign and start the first battle. Let one unit of slayers run at the enemy and watch their HP and model count. Every time I tested this models die before the unit falls below 6480 HP which should be the cut-off point for the ability.
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