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Split the Minor Settlement and Siege Battles

Tactifool#5713Tactifool#5713 Registered Users Posts: 3
From what I have seen there are many different opinions on the minor settlement battles and it's a situation where you can't please everyone. So my idea is (to satisfy as many people as possible) to split the systems how minor settlements play and how big sieges play. I like the changes with how it works now. The freuquenzy of minor settlement battles are good even thought the system still needs improvement

Minor settlements:

- settlements without garrisons: land battle
- settlements with garrison: minor settlement battle
- intruduice some region whoch are minor settlements by default. Like ueberstreik. So you don't need to build a garrison there (to increase the frequency of it a little bit
- no respawning of towers. Fixed supplies which can be increased with buildings or maybe even commandments
- no 2 ways but just one barricade paths
- barricades cost not supply, you have a fixed amount depending on the map. You place them at the start and they have more hp. At least 3 times as much
- increase space in some areas so you can use Cav and flanking a little bit.

Siege Battles

Here I would like to see a different system which is more fokussed on fighting over the walls and gates
At the moment you just ignore wall and build towers. Which feels really of and not immersing. I want siege battle be about actually sieging the walls and gates

- remove that every unit can just pull out ladders
- maybe give some units climbing abilities like for eshin units or something.
- gates brechable only by monster Units. Or rams
- expand on siege equipment. Towers, rams, arrow protection that is movable explosive wagon who can breach gates or a wall. Maybe even faction specific equipment.
- defensive supplies usable on big spearthrowers or catapults mounted by infantry
- maybe keep some of the tower system but maybe instead of shooting towers you get mountable for artillery and archers
- deployable zone also outside the wall for Cav and maybe infantry guarding against monsters.
- make wall destruction better. No pillars between the breaches.
- bring back Warhammer 2 siege attrition after turn 5. ATM by the time I build any siege equipment I can just autoresolve the battle.
- make walls, gates, siege equipment matter.

Those would be my ideas. Of course I'm not sure how this would play out in terms of balancing. But tldr I think minor settlements are cool but need some balancing. But sieges need to revolve around the walls or at least make them useable. And I think with making sieges and minor settlement differentiate more from each other you have the potential to give more people what they want.

Would love to hear some community feedback to my feedback what you guys think.
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