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I'm new here; what recommendation do you have for me?

StevenKing#2626StevenKing#2626 Registered Users Posts: 1

I want to play a game that allows you to be a master tactician and strategist and lead your people to victory.

There are two very important elements that interest me: to be as historically accurate as possible (and so have a cool atmosphere that makes you feel like you're there, in those times), and to be very violent: to be able to torture and kill your enemies, to cut off their heads or tongues, lots of blood and gore etc.

Someone recommended me Crusader Kings series and Total War series.

Crusader Kings looks like it could be interesting, but it's mostly text based. I want a game that also has animation, so you can see the battles, the violence, the carnage going on.

Total War it appears to be close to what I want but I'm not sure, never played a game in this series.

So what do you think? Is there such a game in the Total War series to whet my appetite, or maybe there is another series?

It doesn't matter the store, I can buy them from anywhere (steam, epic games, gog etc.)

Thank you
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