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A few things

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I've held back on giving feedback for a while. While I wasn't excited by the change in release schedule (early access, WH3 feeling released earlier than it should've been), I have been continuously impressed by the content and improvements the team makes. Here, I'd like to post some things I'd like to see and what I see as successful in hopes the team can see and to hear what others think.

Warriors of Chaos Update

I was a little hesitant about the future of WH3 until this update. However, this release felt like one of the most solid releases I've seen playing all of Warhammer. What did it do?

1. It made Chaos Warriors truly feel "Unique" in the campaign. They had their own way of conquering the map (by vassalization) that felt like it fit, as opposed to sort of...just trying to fit with the standard gameplay of the world (conquer as much territory as possible).
1a. I wanted to say something about the Wood Elves who I feel even after all the changes struggle to find a place, but I don't have any solid feedback on how to make that work. They're one of my favorite races in Warhammer, but so hard to fit into the Total War conquest gameplay. What I will say is I think of the WoC update doing to WoC what hasn't been able to be accomplished yet with WE.
2. It upped the RPG and uniqueness to each army by allowing that army to grow overtime. Most units weren't just the unit you bought, but a basic unit that grew as your marched across the world. With this was an added variety (different gods had different warriors). This was probably my favorite feature as I LOVE customization and the ability to really fine-tune and choose your armies (something that the Daemons of Chaos armies really feel like they lack right now, which may just fit into their theme and is made up in other ways). My biggest desire is to see more of this in the other armies. I wouldn't want it to look precisely the same as with the warband upgrades, but I absolutely am in love with this mechanic and would love to further customize/upgrade my army as I fought.

Other thoughts and suggestions

1. I like how the heroes and lords have been reworked but there are a few things lacking that I think need improvement. Overall, I like that more levels and skillpoints have been added, but now some of the heroes get to the point where you have more skillpoints than abilities to choose. In addition, maxing out a hero doesn't make them feel as "unique" and individual when they all have all the same skills, or nearly the same skills. I'd like to see a few more trees that make the individual characters unique. For example, on a spell caster they could have a new track focused on generating more winds of magic OR more powerful spells.
2. Keeping in the same area of the heroes, I feel like the choices for ancillaries are limited. Most of my characters all end up with all the same things, and some armies seem to be worse with this than others. It'd be nice to have more events provide unique rewards to the races. Say, finding a "Rogue cook" for the Ogres that increases the amount of meat you can consume before battle by +1. Or, "Gilded skink-spawn" that increases skink armor by +5. I feel like you could do this well-enough and play with the requirements/rarity that they wouldn't be too overpowering, but it would allow for more customization of heroes and armies.
3. Oh, one more thing I forgot to add, that is more of a critique. I don't feel Lizardmen are quite right in the new Winds of Magic and Spell Power game. I understand Cathay has the ancient magics of the Dragon, but their spell power comes from harmony and multiple wizards working together. The Slann are the most ancient of mages, harnessing the most ancient of magics. Lord Kroak is powerful enough, but I feel like the Slann Mages should have/give a higher Spell Power advantage to their army (maybe not Lord Kroak, he's powerful enough on his own).

In summary

Alright, I think that is all I have for now.
I love those things that allow for more customization and uniqueness among armies and characters. The Warriors of Chaos rework highlighted all this beautifully, but I feel there is tons more to go with, particularly as you update other armies. I think there is a lot of room to improve and customize heroes from various factions to help make them feel unique and overall I think you all are headed in the right direction.
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