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Athel Loren Adjustments

CountSpookula#8662CountSpookula#8662 Registered Users Posts: 87
edited November 2022 in Warhammer Campaign Feedback
To clarify first and foremost, I am aware that the Wood Elves are not a priority in the moment, having received a rework recently in the Twisted and the Twilight DLC, and new content having been seemingly delayed. I would also like to acknowledge that I understand the difficulty in working with Wood Elves in a global sandbox wargame, as the lore, the Asrai are relatively reclusive and keep to themselves.

That being said, Athel Loren itself is a region of great lore importance and centricity for the Wood Elven racial group, and henceforth should be meaningly represented as a central focal-point within game. This is well represented through the Oak of Ages mechanic, being located in the center of the sacred glades as the Wood Elves primary campaign victory condition.

However, due to the disproportionate and inaccurate proportions of the forest, Enemy armies can relatively easily reach the Oak of Ages without needing to besiege any of the Eternal Glades as a base of forward operations to combat the attrition damage. It should also be noted that Athel Loren is a mystic location, which appears far larger in the interior than from an external perspective, and henceforth is lorefully far larger in it's interior than it geographically could feasibly be.

It is also of note that in the lore it is often stated that there is a constant and ongoing ‘silent war’ between the beastmen herds and that of the Wood Elven Glades. However, despite its prominence and centricity within the lore of Beastmen and Asrai alike, the region is comparatively too small and cramped to properly simulate this conflict to any substantial extent.

Please consider marginally expanding Athel Loren and adding more conflicts within the Forest itself to polish and finish the Wood Elf experience for players. I recognize that this may be wishful thinking, however, I feel that it's a considerable detriment to Wood Elven gameplay. If the Southern Realms are ever to be expanded with the coming of a DoW DLC, I hope to see Athel Loren receive the love and attention it deserves.

Here are some crude proposals as to how Athel Loren could be adjusted accordingly:

1) Halls of Anaereth (Anmyr) (Maybe a minor Beastmen faction for Durthu to start at war with?) (Corrupted Textures)
2) Waterfall Palace (Argwylon) (Bright Spring Campaign Textures)
3) Crag Halls of Findol (Wydrioth)
4) Vaul's Anvil (Targovann)
5) Oak of Ages (Yn Edri Eternos)
6) Glade of Eternal Moonlight (Modryn) (Could be a Malevolent style minor faction) (Dark with Sparkly lights Campaign Textures)
7) King's Glade (Talysn)
8) Coeth-Mara (Atylwyth) (Icy Campaign Textures)
9) Tyr-Edrell (Cythrall/Wildwood) (Maybe a Drycha-Style Malevolent Tree Spirit faction for Orion to start at war with?)
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