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Dwarfs improvements

Mcy_Mtrd_Mvt_Lhw#6366Mcy_Mtrd_Mvt_Lhw#6366 Registered Users Posts: 1
Though Dwarf is not the most eager one to be improved, still, those little creatures need it, especially after Chaos Dwarf comes out. Here are some of my thoughts.

1. RUNES. In the background, every item can have three runes at most, and it would be truly awesome if every Dwarf unit has three runes or at least one. It can be done like the upgrade that Durthu and Greenskins have. But in order to achieve that, the banner runes part of The Forge should be redone, instead of forging runes as equipment, it unlock runes with oathgold, then units can be upgraded with runes that unlocked (also cost oathgold). To get the access to make those runes able to be unlocked, players need to answer some particular grudges or research particular technology or occupy/defeat some settlements /troops. And, of course, more kinds of runes required.

2. TECHNOLOGY. Brief the old technology tree, add a new branch about runes.

3. GRUDGES & CONFEDERATION. To show the stubbornness of Dwarfs, there should be a special confederation mechanism, and The GREAT Book of Grudges is the perfect option. For example, the grudges of Eight Peaks will be issued when Dwarf players see the Eight Peaks, if players answered that grudges, then Belegar would join confederation (for the High King maybe when the severity reaches to 0, something like that).

4. MARCH. In the background, Dwarfs once marched for three days to fight with Elves. Dwarfs have always been of high endurance, so I think it is better to not to give such punishment when Dwarf troops march. Make them yellow vigour and allow to retreat shall be fine.

5. BEER!!! All the Dwarfs have the right to drink beer (even in battle), make a flag or rune about that.

6. SETTLEMENT BATTLES. Since the opinions on settlement battles have difference, why not try according to race. Dwarfs are famous for defense, so every battle in their settlements can be a settlement battle. (on the contrary, Norsca can never have settlement battles)

7.BIGGER & FASTER. Just give them some big guys, and redo the Gyrocopter, it's so useless.
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