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Thorgrim quest battle 'cutscene' bugged

I recently (a few days ago) played the Throgrim quest battle against the Vampire Counts for his Great Book of Grudges item.

When the missions starts you end up in a cutscene where you're ambushed etc. But unlike normally, the black bars at the top and bottom immediately disappear, thus the subtitles appear not in the black bar but at the very bottom of the screen in a different format.

Some sentences are so long the subtitles appear partially of screen at the bottom.

It's not really game breaking or something but a bug nontheless.

I don't have a save available at this moment. It was in a co-op campaign where I played Grombrindal, but possibly this also happens when you start the battle through the main menu (instead of in a campaign).

I'll try to get a screenshot etc, but it's been a few days since I encountered it and we don't have a save from beforehand anymore.


  • Kennyannydenny#4548Kennyannydenny#4548 Registered Users Posts: 397
    I tried the Quest Battle through the main menu, but the quest battle seems to be slightly different.

    For starters, the bug isn't there when playing the Quest Battle through the main menu.

    But second, the army seems to be at a different position than where they were after the cutscene ended when I played the Quest Battle while in a dwarf campaign.

    This is a screenshot when starting the battle through the Main menu:

    As you can see my army is to the left. But when I played my quest battle whilst in a Dwarf campaign, my army was where I marked it with the red marker after the cutscene ended, with my artillery right near his cavalry.

    Could it be that the battle you start through the main menu, and the battle you start when in a Dwarf campaign are slightly different versions? The spawns don't seem consistent, and the bug is only there when playing the battle through a Dwarf campaign.

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