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Quest Battles aren't correctly marked as done in the Quest Battle menu

If you start Quest Battles through the main menu, you'll see a list of all available quest battles, and the ones you have done are marked with a green checkmark.

This is not consistent though.

As you can see on this screenshot I've done two of the Orion battles (I did them in a solo Heralds of Ariel campaign, *not* through the Quest Battle) and they get marked as done correctly:

But if you look at Grombrindral, I did all four of this quest battles in a co-op campaign, none are marked as done:

I've also done 3 of Thorgrim's battles in that same co-op campaign, none marked as done:

But on the other hand, in a co-op campaign where my co-op partner was Ogre Kingdoms and I participated in his quest battles, are marked as done:

It seems to be very, very inconsistant. Some are marked as done, even if it's the battle of my co-op partner and not actually mine (I never played Ogre Kingdoms), and others I have done in my own campaign, like Grombrindal, and none are marked a done. It's weird.

Please fix this, I'd love to do every battle at least once through campaigns, but have no way to track (without documenting stuff myself) if the checkmarks are this buggy.

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