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Flensing ruin overpowered ?

Olynthe#6888Olynthe#6888 Registered Users Posts: 6
edited November 2022 in Warhammer Battle Feedback
I just did a quick calculation on damge per wind of magic and flensing ruin damage seems to be way too high.
For exemple, at max damage, final transmutation is 60 damage per WOM and flensing ruin is 114 damage per WOM.

It is almost double damage for a spell that is easier to cast (less WOM required).

How can we expect balanced battles with such incredible unbalanced spell against skaven.

All ruin caster can nuke half your army with just one spell and that deserve some attention from the balance team.


As of 2.3 update the spell is still overpowered (85dWOM and overcasted 95 dWOM) BUT BIG THANKS to balance team to have reduced the damage. You guys are the real MVPs ;)
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