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Be'lakor Confederation Issue in Immortal Empires

Xamhoj#7398Xamhoj#7398 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hello everybody,

Me and a friend a playing the immortal Empires campaign and are around like turn 100.
He is playing the new Daemon Prince and I am playing Be'lakor.
I was about to Confederate Kholek but as soon as the confederation happens, he doesn't show up in my roster. I previously confederated Azazel and had no problems. The same thing happend to Archon, I confederated his last Settlement but he does not show up in my recruitment tab for legendary lords.
Is anybody else experiencing these issues?
We are trying fix some possible issues in the coming week so I am gonna update this thread if I find anything.
Until then I hope somebody has an answer for me.

Best of Luck conquering Warhammer 3 everybody!


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