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Please buff Luminarks

cersbsb#2301cersbsb#2301 Registered Users Posts: 116
Luminarks are late game units with great single entity damage potential. The problem is that they are so unbelievably janky and unreliable that they never come close to earning their worth. The long charge time, narrow line of sight, janky animations and bad accuracy just makes them miss almost every shot. It's not like they have much of an opportunity to attempt to hit anything either. Their long breaks between firing, and the charge time makes it so that by the time the enemy makes it into melee they barely got 1-2 shots out (and probably missed them as well). Firing them into units engaged in melee is suicide because of how unreliable they are and how much potential friendly fire damage they can deal. As a tier 4 single entity artillery piece, and iconic, visually unique lore unit, they should be a centerpiece of an army and something to strive to recruit. Currently, there is never a reason to recruit them at all. Please buff their accuracy, improve their Janky behavior, or decrease the downtime between shots to make them more reliable. Thank you.

Ps. It would also be cool and lore-appropriate if Light Wizards could get a Luminark mount at a high level. Amber Wizards get a Gryphon mount (and Lizardmen Heroes get insanely powerful mounts) so I don't see a reason why Light Wizards shouldn't get their lore unit as a mount option.
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