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Can we please update the Dwarf Engineer guy in Wulfhart's Hunter faction?

Starverse#5662Starverse#5662 Registered Users Posts: 7
When Wulfhart's Hunters' DLC released, the dwarf engineers' skill tree was the old style, and so did Jorek Grimm, one of Wulfhart's best friends . However, it has been years later and Dwarf engineers have a brand new skill tree already. I have to say, I really love the master engineers with a shotgun (Grudge-raker). Today, the 2.3 version of Immortal Empire Beta released, I am happy to see even Dramar Hammarfist, one of Belegar Ironhammar's ancestors, who is also a Master Engineer, can use the shotgun.

Can we also update Jorek Grimm's skill tree, so he can have at least the same ability as other Dwarf Engineers? I think he is also kind a special guy in Dwarfs, isn't he? To me, the shotgun skilltree is really more effective in the campaign.

Please, Update Jorek Grimm from Wulfhart's Hunters faction.

Thanks a lot. :)
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