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Question regarding achievements and IE beta timeline

brindley#2320brindley#2320 Registered Users Posts: 2
Hey all,

Wasn't sure where to put this, since the support subforum doesn't seem to get too much traffic and may have not been the place to ask anyway. Hopefully someone here may know the answers to these (if not CA staff).

I've always been a big achievement hunter in the TWW series, and noticed that with the recent warriors of chaos DLC there were no achievements added on steam. I assumed this could have been a result of their heavy tie-ins to the immortal empires beta, which also has no achievements for obvious reasons, but wasn't sure if there was a planned date for these to be added.

Along those lines, I was also wondering if anyone has an idea of the timeline at which we could expect IE to come out of beta, since that's likely when we'd get achievements released for all playable factions.

Til then i'll keep working on the campaigns in the Chaos campaign. Thanks!


  • 4fourcztery#60764fourcztery#6076 Registered Users Posts: 564
    Wait until the roadmap
  • DarthEnderX-#6513DarthEnderX-#6513 Registered Users Posts: 5,289
    Every IE LL should have a Long Victory achievement.
    "Assassination's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it."
  • Red_Dox#2328Red_Dox#2328 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6,625
    We probably get a new roadmap outlook next month. Even if I can already say right now it will look like
    Q1 = patch 2.4, minor fixes, balance, Mirrors of Madness.
    Q2 = 3.0, major release. Probably Immortal Empires leaving beta and Chaos Dwarfs DLC.

    From past games, Rival DLCs usually don't get much Achievements. Basically none in game#2. Race DLCs got achievements. And ME at some point (can't remember when, think some time after release) giot a few extra achievements. But those were basically just win a game with race X and win a game on very hard/legendary with race X, for all the old game#1 races.
    So Champions of Chaos was basically 2x rival DLCs, and hence got zero achievements. Chaos Dwarf race however we should expect a few achievements with all kinds of crazy crap if we look to Vampire Coast/Tomb Kings. At some point IME might get also extra achievements. At the very least similar to ME, 1-2 for winning a campaign with race X. Hopefully we get a ton of DLCs for all the old races. I would not mind to get every achievement from game#1+2 that can be put down on IME to show up again. Or CA shoudl create some weird ones. Taking special landmarks with specific factions or killing certain factions who have a bloodfeud. I said it even before, if CA can't think of enough, ask the community. Maybe in the official forum or something, were people can just go crazy with what they would like and then its just up for CA to pick what sounds fun and can be done...

    Since 2022 is probably done with patches now (even according to CA if no hotfix is needed before the holidays), its more a '23 thing for "big patch stuff". And since 3.0 is probably the time to leave the beta, maybe then. But 3.0 can still be delayed to later and we have no clue if really the thing we expect it to be. So just prepare at least half a year of waiting for now.

    ------Red dox
  • brindley#2320brindley#2320 Registered Users Posts: 2

    We probably get a new roadmap outlook next month. Even if I can already say right now it will look like
    Q1 = patch 2.4, minor fixes, balance, Mirrors of Madness.
    Q2 = 3.0, major release. Probably Immortal Empires leaving beta and Chaos Dwarfs DLC.

    ------Red dox

    Ahhh ok I wasn't sure when the next roadmap was, but I think that's a pretty good educated guess at the release schedule! I wasn't sure myself if the end of beta would come about due to most issues like bugs and balance changes ironed out, but being alongside the C. dwarves makes sense too. That gaping hole in the badlands has been asking for them for ages haha.

    It would be great if they allowed community input to influence what additional achievements could be available. While it's fun to use the "beat campaign on v. hard" with each lord as a great reason to try each faction, the thematic ones have always been my favourite. TWW2 had some great ones as mentioned above, and I think Civ 5 was the best game of all time for the sheer number of achievements to chip away at, with a huge mix anywhere from simple winning with a faction, to norwegians having to win a battle with ski infantry in the snow.

  • #153592#153592 Registered Users Posts: 323

    I don't want to seem rude and I'm part of the team that prefers quality content rather than rush


    If they don't accelerate the pace of content release, even supporting the game for another 4 or 5 years, with only 1 DLC per year, since there are 23 factions now and we are still expecting more (at least the Dwarfs of Chaos and the Dogs of War but more are expected), we won't have much content compared to what is expected if they continue in this line...

    So keep going CA and good luck for the next ! :)
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