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Norsca needs a boost, yay or nay?

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I don't usually play them, other factions seem much more fun to play, but that's because Norsca's unit roster is lacking if you ask me.

They have no siege
They have no long range units, only skirmishers really
Their anti-large units aren't nearly as strong as other factions (the spearmen are cheap fodder, and even the skin wolves don't out-perform many large units which aren't 'anti-large'
The monsters they field, (while quite dope,) still serve better as anti-infantry, which is what the super-tough melee units that Norsca is know for do best anyway
So, all in all, really strong infantry/anti-infantry is the only unique thing Norsca really has, except that's not unique because Orcs have black orcs and all that plus siege, plus better monster variety, just as an example. Many factions have comparable tough infantry plus so much more to boot.

I get that their play-style is 'in your face' and we don't want to see them wielding powerful ranged units, I'm not advocating that. I'm suggesting an alternative that gives them more variety while staying true to their core -- like a much better air force, or a monster-like unit that can tunnel under the battle map for a great ways to pop up among the enemy ranged unit's battle lines.

The meta seems to be any army that can stack enough powerful ranged units to prevent any real damage from occurring, so replenishment isn't an issue, only ammo -- and I'd like Norsca to challenge that meta better. (Cause they just get kinda dunked on
sometimes and that's why I don't play them much.)
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