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Just a few lines of code, CA

NakedCherub#3435NakedCherub#3435 Registered Users Posts: 78
edited November 24 in Multiplayer
Main problem of LB this blobs and boxes that guide game to lack of gameplay.
It can be solved by simple add of side advantage, leaving game in original state which we all like and for what content is developing, active buffs that gives for example +40 MA for 20 sec to one unit, mana recharge and gain, faster resources to summon limited reinfs etc.

Or just add win condition by gold value at end of matctime, at least it makes gameplay more active, player will be interested in causing damage to opp, this motivates him at least using spells and arty, and blobs will be not safe strat.


  • The_real_FAUST#6885The_real_FAUST#6885 Registered Users Posts: 2,072
    I think what you are asking for is LB matches to have victory points or gold value scoring?

    Have I got that right?
  • NakedCherub#3435NakedCherub#3435 Registered Users Posts: 78
    This is advantage points with buffs, for separating blobs and motivation to activity, win points + unlimited reinfs implies fixation on blobbing on it, with advantage points gameplay is based on winning of enemy army, just in more interesting conditions.

    And yes, value scoring if winner is not determined is simplest mod that can make LB better.

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