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Only 56 Top-Rankings left on leaderboard CA

#11370#11370 Registered Users Posts: 39
Dear CA,

contrary to the impression one might get, watching a few Ytubers - way over 90% of the multiplayer community is fighting it out on ladder - they have never been in a tournament. And having the occasional lobby game with a friend is not where it's at.

The bug distorting the points has been there right from game launch! As of today there are only 56 unaffecting Top-Positions left to fight over. This is unheard of in any game I have ever seen, however small or unimportant. This is not even a bug "in" the game - it is on the game - a huge broken sign on the company's prestige frontage. Every company owner I know would get this fixed within 24h.

This can't be explained away with priority areas and focussing on income anymore - this is a matter of basic principles ant wanting to be perceived as a serious business.

Hundreds of your paying customers have played many hundreds of games to get up there, some even 1.3k and 1.5 k matches won. But we have people ranking who won 0 (!) to 5 games.

Please do due dilligence and fix this minor bug

Please reset the Leaderboard

Please show more pages - at least the top 1000

My sincere thanks, Knight Hood

This is Knight Hood. No idea why my user name changed


  • The_real_FAUST#6885The_real_FAUST#6885 Registered Users Posts: 2,112
    Leader board needs a fix badly. As you say it is frankly appaling that a know bug problem like this is just left

    Also update the bloody map pool, and use good maps!

    It's not hard there are many many maps, and you have left a map pool almost dormant for over a year and have chosen to fill it with few, bad maps

    Cmon these things aren't hard CA
  • #11370#11370 Registered Users Posts: 39
    46 Top-Positions left to fight over.

    So roughly 1 1/2 months before the captain of the titanic will sink.

    I am not finding the words...
    This is Knight Hood. No idea why my user name changed
  • drogarito#2548drogarito#2548 Registered Users Posts: 1,815
    Not just the leaderboards but the entire matchmaking system (player's levels, individual and total stats). It needs one big rework.
  • #11370#11370 Registered Users Posts: 39
    I admire your hopefulness!

    At this stage I am satisfied with with a ladder fix and reset.
    This is Knight Hood. No idea why my user name changed
  • #11370#11370 Registered Users Posts: 39
    12 unbugged positions left. You now need a rating of 1767 to rank last position in the top 200. Unbelievable.
    This is Knight Hood. No idea why my user name changed

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