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Please buff Rune Magic

cersbsb#2301cersbsb#2301 Registered Users Posts: 224
Rune Magic is in a really bad state. It is extremely unimpactful and has insanely long cooldowns on top of that (also the limit of being able to cast only one spell each global cooldown). The supposed upside is that it costs no Winds of Magic. The problem is that with how little it actually effects the battle and how long one must wait between each, paying for decent spells with WoM is just a way better alternative. I am not asking for Rune of Wrath and Ruin to delete units, but 40% Ward Save on a single target for 24 seconds, on 120 sec cooldown + 60 sec global cooldown literally amounts to nothing in terms of value. Please, either significantly decrease the cooldowns between casts, or make the spells strong enough to be worth the wait. The lack of Winds of Magic cost really isn't as great an upside as you think it is. Warrior Priest and Patriarch battle prayers don't cost Wind of Magic and are way better than Rune Magic in almost every regard...
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