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Black Screen freeze on AI turn - Requires hard reset of PC

GONADS#7215GONADS#7215 Registered Users Posts: 3
Build: Latest Patch (Completely unmodded)

Detailed description:

Occasionally on the AIs turn, the game will freeze and the screen will go black. I cannot hear anything or do anything either and have to hard reset my PC by holding the power button down.

It happens at random and there are no steps to reproduce it, sometimes I can go for hours without it crashing, sometimes it crashes 4 turns in and it is solely on AI turns as it is going around following the AI's actions - battles are fine, my own turns are fine.

My Specs are:

and the game is installed on a M2 SSD

As you can imagine my PC should run this game perfectly fine but this crash is completely hindering my ability to play and I do not think it is hardware related as this is the only game that has any issues, I can play all my other games on the highest settings without issue.

Details of any solutions that have already been attempted:

I've reinstalled the game 3 times
Deleted the data folder and verified integrity several times.
Turned shadows from Extreme to Ultra (which felt like it gave me a couple more hours to play without crashing but it still crashed) Following this I decided to try it with shadows turned off and unlimited memory turned off too, unfortunately it ended up crashing sooner this time.

I do not have a minidump or a modified file as there isn't one that is created due to the fact that my PC has to be hard reset.

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