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couple of unit mods i am playing with right now and how i feel about them(bretonnia )

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Right now i am taking a break from land battles to finish my heavily modded bret camapagin there i am using bunch of modded units and magic

currently i am at turn 190 got short victory long victory and ultimate victory but no domationation yet since haven't made a true doom stack or any doom stack


if things similar to these come to official version brets could be really good, or really any thing

here are the modded units i am using and their impact

Lore of light - self explanatory time warp , nets , burning gaze

Lore of the lady - just beautiful lore of magic there is literally no OP magic imo in this mod but has great synergy with brets, it has small cheap -20 armor and 20% speed debuff , a net only single target but lowers MA so great for isolating targets in melee
a resisitance nuke single target spell over cast remove all resistance by -40% taurox has barss body on pop this **** on bye bye 40% ward save another great spell super expensive but used right love

quuesting beast mod love , honestly but i wished they revamped the questing beast cav slightly right now its only available to be recruited through a single land mark in cascorne the unit it self has bv i , no perfect vigor

but if they change it give it perfect vigor replace bv i to bvL than this could be bretonnias answer to crushers and skull crushers obviously priced well above 2000 gold i would say put it all the way 2400 gold price tag see how it perform and mark up or down for Mp.

sons of bretonnia mod from dakilla:
love this unit they have bvi and Ap 24 models so bit tanky not great as anti infantry on its own but pretty awesome , they also have dampning which probably shouldn't come on a official version since it may allow too much synergy with fay enchantress

another thing mod gets wrong is the bound abilites the bound overcast phas protection is good two charges of them is pretty decent not op
but the bound tide call is not lore freindly , can damsels in theory use two lore of magic due to ladys protections yes. but that shouldn't extened to these guys since there also tranning in armed combat and have perfect vigor so grail teir knights

ideally i would give them 1 bound lesser banishment to be in line with their lore where they fought undead

or just give them lore of metal( no searing or final trans that would be Op imo) or lore of lady bound spells spells

naiad mod= also great support piece crap damage on its missile attack but does a small weakning effect which makes ws lower and speed if remember correct lower not op but pretty decent support options

has other support abilities 2 bound verisons of cylostras aoe debuff so pretty good might make them lesser verions of that in a offical release to make cylostra special
there bound wind spell wrath of the river is unnessary and shouldn't be a thing if any thing it should be explosion that only kniocks back but does no damage so these guys can run away

war form transformation never used it seems meh. has barrier though so could be op

brigand mod

basic brigands good basic vanguard anti infantry infantry

hermulets good just huntsmen with no bonus vs Large

bringand cross bows = unlorefull trash

brigand great weapons kind of op since they get bvL if they didn't get it than good

aspiring hoods way too much missile damage even if its non ap so shouldn't make it to offical release

brigand horsemen makes yeoman obsolete so no
brigand horse archers too OP has bvL shots

upgrade to the two handed bringands - gets armor sundering , ap ,bvi stalk on top of vangurd tldr OP way too OP

brigand waylers - like them the waylay debuff is not really super Op -15 armor plus small MA and MD debuff but its there wish they didn't have stalk so they are balanced

facless hero =- avarage over a long battle might kill some thing , there bound missile ability is basically a amber spear so only really good side shoting infantry but they are foot only heros so not Op by any strectch

crownless lord range same as facelss hero avarage at best they are weaker then huntsmen generals in terms of sniping but has a horse so can use the bound missle some what effectively

crownless lord two handed great sword - great assasin lord has horse but not op since he has the same two handed sword lord syndrome of never hitting stuff but only staring at enemy has pretty decent snipe ability where he drops speed and MD

bret friar hero

really conflicted on this one from design point of view i just wish they picked one and stick to it

a foot hero with soul fire and sheild faith which is not really lady like or unique visuals if they change the visuals it would be good just the whole battle prayer thing doesn't feel very lady like

also has AoE heal explosion is simlar to the salayak lullaby so there is that as well but since no mount not any ware near as op as patraich

now this where i have issue with unit in bret history there are two friar like characters
1. abbot of la mosental who was a arch presit of taal( he was playable even in 6th edition)
2. gui who was betrand supporter whose only unique aspect was wine that he served which made them fight harder

the second one now this probably where the mod author got the insight to give them liqud fortification ability

now if i could mod this i would change all the active abilites to be more like limited charge abilites witch gives buffs and are based on wines like Gui

or change the god to shallaya and that will put them in line with heal aura and ward save not taal since taal is more of a empire thing

but not weird mix of lady and wine or i just has bad taste

Hermit knight mod

nice nothing fancy just a decent support infatry doesn't match up to true elite infantry even loose to empire great swords on isolation
but nice support unit like aspring champs

mod links
lore of light


naiads( need to edit them bit to get them to work)

sons of bretonnia ( need to edit them bit to get them to work)

hermit knights




lore of the lady


questing beasts


the mount version pretty decent but loose much of the mobilty of pegasus so depends on how you use paladins

plus eaternal green knight tldr doesn't make him OP drops physical resist for 45% has couple of uselss skilss like self LD buff but puts him on par with a paladin at max level

i just wish there were bret dlc

#givemoreunitsforbrettonia, my bret dlc

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