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Daniel Bugs

Hi guys,
Just a quick note to say I was really pleased to see the new preacher of decay follower when playing daniel. Sadly however it doesnt work.
I've just hit 3k hours in the game so i've a list of other bugs and feedback which i'll post at another time, but a couple of other bugs for Daniel:

Khorne: Last tech in the first half of the tree gives frenzy to minotaurs of khorne (who already have frenzy since WOC release)
Nurgle: First tech in second tree gives charge defence but so does their set piece at the end. So the set piece needs adjusting

Also Infernal Gateway damages friendly units as well whilst playing Villitch. I'm assuming its tagged to faction rather than Lord, so its not recognising Villitch as friendly. I'm currently playing Daniel so i'll test it out on him as well.

Thanks for your great work


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