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Unit path finding is still garbage after update 2.3

Despite having improved pathfinding being included in the latest patch notes, units are still a buggy mess. Sieges are still horrendous, with units not able to walk through gates without having major **** issues, or laddering walls when you tell them to walk through a gate, or having half the unit get stuck around each side of the gate when you tell them to enter. Walking around corners and objects is still terrible and units get incredibly bunched up. Units still also get into columns especially during sieges. Units still don't attack routing units properly. Also a unit's models tend to only attack a single model of an enemy unit if they are running away, so the bulk of forces can escape like 70% of the time if they are just moving backwards. Units still forget orders, etc.

This is why you never trust CA patch notes. This still needs a lot of work.


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