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Kicked to a field battle in Norscan cities?

This is the second time; unfortunately I didn't note where the first instance occurred as I just stupidly assumed that they AI had attacked my army outside the city rather than attacked the city itself. So, on to this instance:

Occupying The Monolith of Katan as Kislev, being attacked by Hag Graef, 1000 defensive supplies listed, "walls" (defenses, as I know wasteland cities don't have walls) upgraded to level 2, building level 3: 8-unit army occupying the city with 17-unit garrison.

When the AI attacks the city on their turn, it becomes a field battle with no city map. Even more troublesome: the garrison *reinforces* my occupying army rather than being present for pre-battle arrangement, with 6 seconds on the clock.

v2.3.0 Build 17602.2750999

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