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It's Lore Whatever-Day! Nightmare Legion Updated!

lcmiracle#6727lcmiracle#6727 Registered Users Posts: 1,249
Folks, let me tell you a tale of betrayal, of hatred, of revenge -- of the spooky variety!
Once upon a time in Tilea, there was a mercenary general named Ennio Mordini, he and his company of pikemen fought for their employer faithfully -- at least as faithfully as one can expect one whose calling in life is selling their lives for money. At any rate, on one faithful day, which was pouring (but of course it was), as Ennio and his men were marching to battle, they were betrayed by their master in an ambush, and not a men was left alive! Such was his rage, however, they came back, as walking skeletons, and destroyed the city of their betrayer in vengeance.
This is the tale, of the Nightmare Legion...

The Nightmare Legion was a 1986 boxset released by Citadel Miniatures. It included 24 figurines, including Ennio Mordini, his champion Renzo Avanti, a regimental standard bearer, a musician, and 20 skeleton warriors. In the back of the box was their backstory, which was rather colourful indeed. For the longest time there wasn't a given date for the legion's origin

Until now.

In Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition supplement, Up in Arms, we are finally given exact dates for Ennio's deeds.

IMO it's good that Cubicle 7 has dedicated to the rekindling of older lore, going so far as undertaking the no doubt difficult task of reworking the original Enemy within Campaign storyline into a form that can both fit into the modern Warhammer timeline (where Karl Franz was killed by the end of it) and respecting as much of the older materials as possible. Even such a minor detail was dug up and worked into the narrative.


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