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Troglodon Visuals?

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edited December 2022 in Campaign Ideas
Quick question, as I don't think many people have brought it up since the original release of The Silence & The Fury; is there any chance of seeing some visual tweaks to the Troglodon unit? While it could possibly be addressed in a mod, it would be nice to have the stock textures tweaked to reflect the more pallid nature of the creature shown in most depictions (rather than the stock plum on dull green/plum on grey in the RoR version), as well as some recoloring and model adjustment for the 'tendrils' it has around the nose and neck, which appear to be more akin to horns in the game graphics. It's kind of odd, considering that they're meant to be "quill-like whiskers to track motion", but in-game they appear to be odd-looking horns which are entirely rigid. Some minor flex in the facial tendrils to differentiate them from horns would be cool to see, but I imagine that would be a fair bit more work than just tweaking the textures to make them look more the sensory organs they are.
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