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Recommended change to camera for selecting units [Total War Warhammer 3]

In the game there is the Pan to Lord key (default Home), as well as keys to select next and previous units. Currently these keys always pan the camera to the selected unit. These keys should instead select the unit by default rather than pan the camera over. Panning the camera to the selected unit by default is very jarring and disorienting when in the midst of a battle and you're trying to quickly get units to where they need to go. An example is selecting multiple heroes or units to attack a the same enemy it is not ideal to select each unit at a time with the "Next Unit" button and send them to attack because the camera will pan away from the target back to the unit you are selecting.

The "Pan to Lord" key could be changed to "Select Lord". When the player desires to pan to the lord they can double click the Select Lord key just as it works with unit groups now. Additionally, there is already a "Pan to Selected Unit" in the game so the Select Next and Select Previous keys would work as they are described in-game now and you can still pan over with the built in key.

I feel like this small change would help improve our ability to micro well in fast-paced battles. If you agree with this change I'd appreciate a comment with words of encouragement to get it put through. Thank you for your time.
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