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Middle Earth SBG

Grumps#4032Grumps#4032 Registered Users Posts: 1
We, as a family, bought into MESBG many years ago but never really started playing the game. But it's now time to resurrect this hobby. Hello to everyone here.
I have basic questions about the move phase;

If your piece has a move range of 6" and it wants to charge (line of sight?) an enemy, does the 6" range have to reach the enemy's base or just be enough to get into its control zone? So effectively the move range is 7".

Is charging the only method to engage an enemy hand-to-hand? That is, if a piece is moved in an arc (avoiding an obstacle) to reach an enemy (I assume this is not a charge as it's not in a straight line), can it move into the enemy control zone and take part in the fight phase?

Any clarification would be great, thanks. Or a pointer to the rule in the book; I have 3rd edition printed rules and a 2018 PDF.

I might post this question in another higher traffic forum. Hope that's not against the rules (I did check).
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