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Wood Elves Mount Selection Disappears

I was playing as the Wood Elves and the Mount selection on my heroes is disappearing when I select None. I can no longer select any mount. Also, the Great Stag mount for my Glade Captain was never in the selection for mounts and I can never use it.


  • javi0074#6214javi0074#6214 Registered Users Posts: 1
    edited May 12
    Actually, with the last update delivered (v3.0.1 Build 20519.2922456) and being the first time I play as Wood Elves in TWW3, a similar issue happens to me but in my case is with the eagle mount. I have several heroes with enough skills, so the eagle is actually selected automatically, but the only options I have for selecting the mount are: none or great stag.
    I've tried different "solutions" I was able to find searching but none works (embedding the hero in the army, or not, selecting firs none and in the next turn trying to select the eagle - but as far as it is never listed, it cannot be selected).

    This bug makes the skill "death from above" kind of a waste ... and actually prevents me from having an air-only army with embedded heroes, LoL

    The "amazing" thing is that seems to happen since TWW2 and it has not been fixed (found similar threads for the previous version of the game)

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